Intretinere-reparare schi & snowboard

Intretinere-reparare schi & snowboard

Top Finish

Topfinish JetStream Bloc 2.0

Topfinish HelX 2.0

Waxing and stripping of Irox

Hot waxing and stripping

Waxing of X-Cold Powder

Base stripping and brushing

Hot waxing

Express liquid waxes

Easy ski care using Express Wax

Rub-On waxes

Application of Express Rub-On Wax

Application of HF Rub-On wax

Base cleaning

Base cleaning using Waxremover

Mending of ski base

Base repair using repair candle

Base repair using Repair Powder

Simple edge preparation

Easy ski tuning using express gear

Edge preparation on the base side, removing ridges and defects

Base edge preparation

Filing of hanging edge


Side edge tuning

Mending of edge damage

Edge Tuner / Ergo Race

Side edge preparation racing

Sidewall tuning

Sidewall preparation