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Diamond Disc Medium/Edge Tuner World Cup

330,00 lei

Spare Abrasive medium coarse.
For general repairs and retuning edges when simple polishing is not enough.

Express Tuner File 40mm

52,00 lei

Original spare file for Express Tuner.

Diamond Disc Coarse/Edge Tuner World Cup

330,00 lei

Spare Abrasive coarse.
For edge tuning on new skis or for changing the angle. Also used to deflash edges when they are badly damaged.

Diamond Disc Fine/Edge Tuner World Cup

330,00 lei

Spare Abrasive fine.
This abrasive is part of the Edge Tuner World Cup standard kit. For high-precision World Cup finish to polish and harden edges.

Diamond Disc Extra Fine/Edge Tuner World Cup

412,00 lei

Spare Abrasive extra fine.
Can be used for finishing or to repair minor edge damage.

Scraper Sharpener World Cup Pro 220V

829,00 lei

Electronic precision tool for sharpening and planing Plexi scraper blades.
For 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm scraper blades.

Toko RS-Skiholder Belt

43,00 lei

TOKO Skiholder Belt for 16 Nordic skis, length: 37,4″.